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  1. Anonymous wrote...

    People want to pretend because it's Glee it couldn't possibly be canned but fact is, money is everything and CW ratings or worse ain't gonna cut it. Not even on a Friday. Sorry, but I hope it gets cancelled personally. While I would feel for the cast and crew, it's exactly what RIB deserve.

    It’s show business, man, with an emphasis on business. Music doesn’t pay the rent for the show anymore.

  2. Anonymous wrote...

    But the thing with glee is the cost, high salary who are different than those for new serie, music right cost, the sell of the music on itunes back money, by just airing online will cut all this money

    Music can be released without airing episodes and I certainly won’t buy anything that is Blaineofsky related in the least, ever. The cost of the music has to be taken away from the sales and last year most of the sales didn’t reach the top 100. 

  3. Anonymous wrote...

    Unfortunately for me there is no bright side. This ruins Klaine and especially Blaine for me. The thought of him and Karofsky is that thoroughly disgusting. I doubt I'll even be able to go back and watch previous seasons of Klaine because if it. I'd still hate the story but it would be different if it was just some random and not Karofsky.

    I can and have ignored canon but I get this very much. It’s hard looking at gif sets for me rn. Of all the people in the world I just can’t abide Blaine with an abuser. I wish I could see Karofsky as redeemed but just because you can’t take what you’ve been dishing out for years, it’s not redemption to me. Plus I know abusers up close and personal and even ones in high school and they just don’t change. They don’t. The recidivism rate on abuse is amazingly high. They just find new people or ways to do it. They go from physical to mental abuse, I’ve known too many of these people and I cannot suspend my disbelief enough to forgive Karofsky even if they want me to. I cannot and I will not.

  4. nbowden1:

OMG, the tear falling


    OMG, the tear falling

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  5. Anonymous wrote...

    The Karofsky of it all is what's KILLING me inside. It makes me sick to think about. Otherwise I'd still be upset, but I'd be interested in maybe getting Kurt serenades and a Kurt PROPOSAL and seeing Blaine with a ring on his finger in that case. I could deal if it was anybody but Karofsky. Literally anybody else. Anyone. Any other human being on the planet. Or aliens would be fine too. Idc. Just not Karofsky. I'm thinking it's a fake relationship in some way, but still. Sigh.

    Which is why I keep coming back to being pissed off about it. Give me anyone else in the planet but Karofsky and I’ll tolerate the story. 

  6. Anonymous wrote...

    I think there was a show on FOX that was recently cancelled mid-season, so they just posted the rest of the episodes online since everything was already filmed. (iirc it was "I Wanna Marry Harry" so it's a reality show so idk but yeah)

    There you go folks. It does happen recently and on FOX.

  7. Anonymous wrote...

    My point simply was that if it follows the trend of years past then they are already well aware that there is the potential for the final season to get 0.5 and lower, and they still clearly decided to order 13 eps. Shows do get cancelled all the time, but not generally shows as large as Glee who are mid-run in their already shortened final season. None of us actually know well enough what kind of arrangements were made or what it's worth to FOX to air it vs. cancelling it.

    So you’re just arguing to argue. Okay. No one knows and cancellation is a possibility is what I’ve said.

  8. Anonymous wrote...

    I HAD A THOUGHT. What if June is still helping Blaine (maybe offscreen, but her presence is mentioned) and /she/ thinks Karofsky would be good for Blaine's image somehow? Maybe he's like a football star at his school or whatever so that is why Blaine fakes a relationship with him?

    That would be weird but I think they are having Blaine lose everything much like Rachel. 

  9. Anonymous wrote...

    I have had other tv couples that I loved, and sometimes they dated other people before ending up together and that was fine. But Klaine is the one couple for me that it makes me ill to see them with other people, I hated Adam and he only got 6 minutes of airtime and I literally fast forward through his parts now, so I can't watch Blaine with Karofsky or anyone else. I guess if true I'm not watching until a reconciliation

    Believe me, I hate a Blaine and Karofsky match up but I think I could tolerate Blaine and anybody else. I watched Kurt and Adam and I hated every second but I could and did watch. I don’t think I can do Blaine and Karofsky, it’s just massively offensive to me.

  10. Anonymous wrote...

    My biggest fear is totally it getting canceled after two episodes and as a consequence Blaine's endgame being karofsky and a glee club coach.

    They will eventually release the episodes probably on DVD but yeah, unfortunately I feel you.

  11. Anonymous wrote...

    Earlier you thought they were gonna fake date, what's changed? Did I miss new spoilers?

    I run a lot of different scenarios in my head. Fake dating is one of those ideas. The fact is with this particular spoilers you just don’t have enough to pin down what is going to happen. Thinking that something may happen isn’t calming me down because we aren’t getting any reassurance from any of the cast or the crew. It’ll all work out in the end isn’t enough. Plus I’m looking at other people’s spec and that is full of I want longing looks for Kurt and I believe Karofsky will be the one to step aside and it’s enough to make me sick. So I’m not a static person. I am trying to work my way through these spoilers and it’s infinitely difficult.

  12. Anonymous wrote...

    The writers picked Karofsky purely because all they care about is creating shock and disgust for the audience. That's it. This whole season is just a PUC-style fuck you. This is their final goodbye to fans.

    I’m not going that far until I see it, but I’m already pissed off. And as much as I try to look at the bright side here, it’s really hard to find it.

  13. No one says glee will come back on Tuesday or Thursday, they’ll be lucky to start on Friday.

  14. Anonymous wrote...

    i refuse to believe these spoilers, or at least not in the context that its been provided in. it will fuck literally everything up so, so badly. it would be such a horrible call on the writers parts..

    I wish I could ignore them or disbelieve them, but I see the handwriting on the wall and it ain’t pretty.

  15. Anonymous wrote...

    But, the thing is, they already now how bad it's going to be. The season finale was a 0.6. You don't think they have the numbers right there in front of them that show that every season premiere it decreases? Like, I don't think the abysmal ratings are going to be a shock to them. They know it, and that's why they cut the episode order in half. There's not that much difference between a 0.6 and a 0.4. They're gonna air what they have, even if it's on a Friday, and that'll be that.

    LOL, there is a huge difference between 0.6 and a 0.4 or even a 0.3 in terms of next years advertiser dollars and next year’s advertiser dollars are based on what you put on the air this year. Shows are taken off the air all the time. There are no guarantees even when things are already filmed. Let’s see how it goes, but cancellation this season is an absolute real threat.